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Although the secret is out about Salento, the sub-region of Italy’s Puglia region, it doesn’t mean that its astounding beauty has given way to mass tourism. It is just as pristine as it was over 2,000 years ago when it was inhabited by the Messapians. Salento has been kissed by the sun, the sea, and the wind, so much so that it’s the region’s unofficial motto in dialect, lu sule, lu mare e lu ientu. So if you’re planning to make this magnificent location your next holiday destination, look no further than the Casa di Giò Bed & Breakfast conveniently located in Tiggiano.

About the Casa di Giò B&B

Casa di Giò is located in the small town of Tiggiano just 6 km from the turquoise Adriatic Sea. By staying here, you will experience the best of both worlds while avoiding the chaos: a typical village and proximity to the sea.
Several options are available from large lofts that can accommodate families as well as singles. All of the rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, televisions, and some have a kitchenette and a balcony as well. They are all furnished in exquisite taste.
What’s more, if you have heard about Puglia’s famous trulli houses (such as in Alberobello), then you know that there is probably nothing more authentic than actually staying in one! You’re in luck because Casa di Giò also has a trullo completely modernized with air conditioning, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and an outdoor space with a barbecue. All of this while still maintaining the classic features of the ancient trullos such as the domed ceiling and cone-shaped roof.
Your stay includes a delicious breakfast with local delicacies and pastries.


Tiggiano is a town of just 3,000 and could be considered a typical village in Salento’s inland landscape. It has recently become more well-known because of British actress, Helen Mirren, who purchased a large property here and who is very active in the local community.
Its quaint historic center has characteristic white stone buildings in the local pietra leccese some of which date to the 16th century. The cathedral is unique in that it is the only one in all of Italy dedicated to Saint Hypatius of Gangra, a 4th-century Turkish martyr. Like much of the architecture in Lecce and its province, Tiggiano could be classified as Baroque.
The town is also famous for a purple carrot known as the pestanaca and even has a festival dedicated to the root vegetable every year in January (which coincides with the patron saint festival).

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Read more about Tiggiano’s history and what to see and do here.

The Southern Adriatic Coast of Salento

The Casa di Giò Bed & Breakfast is in an excellent location far from the maddening crowds of the seaside towns, yet just minutes away by car to some of Italy’s most stunning water and grottoes. This part of the Adriatic is characterized by rocky shores and dotted with natural sea grottoes such as the Grotta Verde and Zinzulusa. The closest shore at just 6 km away is Tricase Porto and another favorite, Marina Serra, an amazing natural pool.

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Other extremely popular locations for both beachgoers and nightlife in the immediate area include Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, Andrano, and Otranto (45 minutes by car).
If you prefer sandy beaches, you have numerous options from the Baia dei Turchi and the Alimini, both within a one-hour drive from Casa di Giò.
In just 20 minutes, you can also head toward the Italian peninsula’s most southern point of Santa Maria di Leuca and where the Ionian and Adriatic Seas meet. The Ionian side of the peninsula also offers world-famous white sand beaches that rival tropical islands such as Pescoluse, appropriately known as the Italian Maldives.

Other Locations to Visit From Tiggiano

When you decide to make the Casa di Giò your home base, in just an hour by car, you have the option of taking day trips to the major art and cultural cities of Salento such as Lecce and Gallipoli.
Or, why not be adventurous and explore the inland areas in the rural countryside among the endless olive groves and stone walls? You may even stumble onto a town festival while you’re there!

Most of all, the true Salento can be found in its people and when you stay at the Casa di Giò, you are truly famiglia!

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