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How many times have you been to the beach surrounded by noisy people and chaos? Have you ever dreamed of being at an enchanting beach? Punta del Persico on the Ligurian coast might be the right place for you.

Deep blue water and big rocks all around, a magic landscape that you need to conquer. As a matter of fact, Punta del Persico is a real wild beach. You won’t find any of the usual comforts here, neither a bar nor a sun lounger: it’s just you, the sea, nature and other brave people.

The hike will be demanding, but you’ll be rewarded!

How to Get There

If you accept the challenge, here is what you need to do to reach the shore. The path is the number 528 (ex no. 11 for the Italian Alpine Club, CAI), it starts from the town of Campiglia and, to be more precise, from the square of St. Catherine’s Church; here you will find a long staircase.

Do not let appearances fool you!

In the beginning, the stairs are very standard and easy to walk on, but as you continue your hike they become more challenging; the landscape changes too, at first you’ll be surrounded by little houses, vegetable gardens, trees, but as you get close to the sea it becomes wilder.

The descent has a total of 2000 steps, and you need to consider that it won’t take you a long time going down (it is about 30/40 minutes), but it will definitely take more time to climb back up (1 hour and 30 minutes, approximately). Make sure you plan accordingly and ascend during the cooler hours of the day or evening.

Step by step you will reach Punta del Persico (at last!); enjoy the view, you deserve it!

Photogallery: by Sara Di Natale