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Wine Events in Tuscany: Vinoè 2018 in Florence

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For the third consecutive year, FISAR – the Italian Federation of Hotel and Catering Sommeliers – presents a new edition of Vinoè, an event dedicated to Italian and international wine excellence that takes place in Florence.

From Saturday 27 to Monday 29 October, the Stazione Leopolda in Florence is going to be a majestic indoor vineyard, ready to welcome the public with round tables, cooking shows and “Premio vinoè 2018”, the novelty of this year.



On the 2018 edition exhibitors are going to present their best bottle of white, sparkling, rosé and red wines.

The Tasting Committee, composed of 7 FISAR Sommeliers, will blindly taste the competing wines, evaluating their colour, taste and aroma. Eventually, they’ll decide the two winners of the prizes Papillon D’Oro and Papillon D’Argento, first and second place, on Saturday 27 October.



Over 8,000 people are participating this year to discover more than 800 labels, from the most famous wineries to the lesser-known ones. They’re going to taste wine under the guidance of FISAR Sommeliers.

Wine producers from all over Italy are attending the event. In particular, there will be a wide representation of Tuscany and its wine-making traditions.

In fact, the great protagonist of this year is the Brunello di Montalcino, a red DOCG Italian wine produced in the vineyards surrounding the town of Montalcino, in Tuscany. Its producer, Castello Banfi, is now celebrating 40 years in business.

FISAR Sommeliers will do a vertical tasting to discover the many peculiarities of the bottles of six different vintages, revealing the life and aging of one of the greatest Italian excellence.



Vinoè 2018 will also give space to moments of study dedicated to the great excellence from beyond the Alps.

Not to be missed will be the vertical tasting of Clos des Réas – a high quality red wine produced with Pinot Noir in purity – the discovery of the terroir of Burgundy and the different nuances that characterize the bottles produced between 2011 and 2015. Finally, there’s going to be a Masterclass dedicated to Champagne vintages.

The Masterclass will be led by Cristina Willemsen of Fier Ce Fit, who will tell how an exceptional harvest, with first-rate grapes, leads to the birth of wines with a strong distinctive character produced with fruits of a single vintage.

The journey into the food and wine culture of Eastern countries is going to be present in this edition too. In fact, after the meeting between the oriental culture and Italian wines that took place last year, the third edition of Vinoè presents an in-depth analysis dedicated to Sakè, fermented Japanese rice processed with water and spore koji. Giovanni Baldini of Firenze Sakè and the Japanese producer Arimitsu Sake Brewery will accompany the public on a journey to discover the origins and rituals that characterize this drink.


eventi-vinoè2018-alla-leopolda-di-firenzeAnother interesting moment of Vinoè 2018 is going to be the meeting on the secrets of winemaking in Anfora. It will a historical journey between tradition and modernity: from the Greco-Roman era – when for the first time the grapes were fermented in large terracotta vases – to the most modern production techniques that enhance sustainability with refined materials.

Also on Saturday 27 October, Vinoè 2018 will host a moment of focus on food and wine pairings. Distinguished guests are going to give their personal interpretation on the matter, through amazing cooking shows in the kitchen of Vinoè 2018.

Vinoè is therefore confirmed as a major cultural event that welcomes wine protagonists and lovers to celebrate wine in all its forms.

calendario-evento-vinoè 2018EVENT SCHEDULE

Saturday 27 October                          11.00 am– 6.00 pm

Sunday 28 October                    10.00 am – 7.00 pm

Monday 29 October                         10.00 am– 6.00 pm


Fisar members:

At the event: € 25.00

Online: € 20.00


At the event: € 30.00

Online: € 25.00