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Zoomarine: Italy’s Marine Mammal Theme Park in Rome

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The Zoomarine theme park is a unique experience for the whole family! Find out everything you need to know!

Zoomarine Park

This theme park opened in 2005. It is almost entirely dedicated to marine life and a special focus is placed on protecting endangered species.

Precisely because of this particular theme, Zoomarine’s main attractions are the various water shows that are repeated several times throughout the day. The protagonists are dolphins, and seals, but also tropical parrots and birds of prey.

Inside the park, there is also a cinema that gives visitors a unique interactive experience for both adults and children. But that’s not all because inside the park you’ll also find rides like the log flume, a free-fall tower and many more!

Zoomarine is perfect on hot summer days thanks to its large swimming pool with slides to ensure fun for all ages.


The park offers its guests all kinds of events throughout the year- from Carnival to Halloween. Stay up to date by checking Zoomarine’s Calendar on the park’s official website (Italian only).


Helpful Info

  • Theme restaurants, first-aid, nursery services, baby food warmers, a nursing area, and changing rooms are all available throughout the park.

  • Ticket prices vary depending on the season of your visit but range from €12 to €24. You can purchase tickets in advance online. 

  • Zoomarine is located in Torvaianica Pomezia (Rome) and can be easily reached by car or shuttle made available by the park (weekends and holidays from March to May and from September to October).