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Our Walpi is a Texas Heeler (i.e. a cross between livestock working dogs) and I have a past and current competitive career with Diego, we decided to embark upon the new adventure of working with livestock and learning how to sheepdog. In Italy, it’s a little-known sport where a herding dog and a person do various “maneuvers” with a flock of sheep.

For our new endeavor, we relied on two dear friends of ours who, to say the least, have a fabulous place. Anna and Federico are the owners of the Pilgorin Farm in Ameno (Novara) in the mountains above Lake Orta. This is a true paradise immersed in nature.

We have known Anna and Federico for many years and we cannot help but be amazed at what they have built over the years for their flock of sheep, their mare, and their donkey.

After some initial hugs, we get right to work. To learn how to sheepdog, Walpi will take lessons, initially with Anna and me, working and learning with Tess, Federico and Anna’s dog. During the lesson, Anna’s professionalism is obvious and she doesn’t let any errors slip by without correcting the behavior. It is truly inspiring to witness!

pilgorin farm-novara-ameno

Meanwhile, Diego and Nicklaus meet other students/friends of the Pilgorin Farm and decide that as soon as springtime comes, we will explore the entire farm on horseback with our beloved Top and Doc.

The sheepdog lesson goes by quickly and soon it was time for all four of us to take a relaxing ride together. There is so much to see at the Pilgorin Farm. The first stop is the small river that runs through the property. Of course, that was Walpi’s cue to jump in and enjoy the cool water.

The second stop is the ruins of an ancient mill which are the set of photo shoots organized by Anna in collaboration with a professional photographer.

Then four trails in the middle of nowhere provide a good run for the dogs and we return to the camp where a delicious snack awaits us. At Pilgorin, friendship is at the heart of all they do.

Unfortunately, our day has come to an end but we know that it’s just the first of many to come.

2024 will be a year of learning and, in our opinion, anyone with a herding dog should try the Sheepdog trial. We guarantee that at Pilgorin Farm you will find professionalism and friendship.

Find out more about Pilgorin Farm, which has recently been recognized by the CSEN (Italian Sheepdog Network), on their official Facebook Page.

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