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Lake Toblino is a small lake in the Lakes ValleyThis is a very interesting destination and easy to reach: it is located approximately 20 km from Trento, along the Western Gardesana road (SS 45 bis), connecting the provincial capital to Riva del Garda.


Total Relaxation

The lake is in a very peculiar position from a climatic point of view: surrounded by mountains, the basin is characterized by submediterranean / Mediterranean flora and fauna, nourished by Lake Garda. Small in size (about 0.670 sq. km), the lake is about 14 meters deep, progressively decreasing due to the sedimentation process initiated by the construction of the nearby central Santa Massenza (1951).

The lovely wooden pier allows for birdwatching the many species of birds, especially the aquatic ones, like ducks, swans, crags, royal jellyfish, river lichens, and Herons. The flora is lush and it includes pines but also holm oaks, willows and oaks as well as laurel, rosemary, lemon and olive plants. In this regard, since 1992, the lake has been a protected area and considered a biotope of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Those arriving from the north can park near the roundabout of Padergnone and from there, they can follow a nice trail which, after its first part, becomes a wooden walkway.


The Toblino Castle

After walking for about 500 meters surrounded by vegetation, on the north bank of the lake you’ll see the Toblino Castle, built around 1200 but modernized from the sixteenth century first by Bernardo Clesio, then the Madruzzo family and finally the Wolkenstein family.

The location is interesting because the building is perched on the small and protected peninsula of the lake, clearly as a defensive strategy. Inside this privately owned castle, you can find a bar and restaurant where you can enter directly from the main door. The bar has an observation deck from which you can admire a wonderful view.

From here, I strongly recommend a small deviation from the trail in order to admire the crenelated walls surrounding the castle and the large park around it. Normally it is not possible to visit the castle inside, as it is only open for particular events such as wedding ceremonies.

Going south, the walkway leads to Maso Toresela, a nineteenth-century villa that used to be Prince Bishop of Trento’s house and which is now a well-known cellar in Trento. Unfortunately, the building is closed to the public as it is exclusively used for weddings.

The walk ends in the village of Sarche where one can have something to eat and drink before heading back.