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An “Enchanted Christmas” in the City of Treviso

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The Venetian city of Treviso has a full calendar of events planned for its “Enchanted Christmas” 2023/24 edition.
On 23 December at 5pm, a magnificent free show entitled “The Legend of Christmas” awaits you and your family. A fascinating route will lead you through the most famous squares and monuments in Treviso, starting from Piazza dei Signori and continuing through the streets of the city.

The actors of Gli Alcuni will enthusiastically welcome children and families, inviting them to overcome astonishing tests of courage together. The characters, including the Chiefs, the Assistant with Meatball and Shortbread, the Bubble Wizard and the Mini Puppies, will join forces to stop the terrible Crow Sorceress. The latter is determined to cancel Christmas with her cunning tricks, and everyone’s help is essential to thwart her.

Join them on this Christmas adventure and help preserve the magic of Christmas!