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Art Exhibition in Treviso: An Environmentally-Conscious LEGO®City

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This art exhibition in Treviso is an environmentally-friendly metropolis of LEGO® bricks. Located just a few steps away from the heart of the city of Treviso, the new LAB (Literally Addicted to Bricks) project fits into the panorama of exhibitions throughout Italy (the other two are located in Monza and in Lignano Sabbiadoro).


The world of Literally Addicted to Bricks led by Wilmer Archiutti never lacks two characteristics: the irony and perfectionism of every single brick embedded. Precisely on these assumptions, ECO CITY LAB was born after months of hard work. The city of eco-sustainable bricks is an ecological city where a “green” economy is in force. Each roof has photovoltaic panels and green trees capable of “eating” CO2. Cars move with electricity and the residents move mostly by bicycle.

“I want this to be an incentive for children and adults: as we did it with LEGO® bricks, if we join forces we would be able to make this a reality,” says the LAB captain. The LEGO bricks that were used in the project were made of vegetable plastic directly from the LEGO® parent company.

The love for art and culture is apparent in many scenes that come to life within the city: the art and sculpture courses within the school, the bridges and the architecture of the buildings, the romantic kiss between Minnie and Mickey at the highest point of the city bridge. There is no shortage of Christmas details and holiday references such as Santa’s sleigh on the roof of the Peociraptor Museum.

Beyond the playfulness of every aspect and the timeless charm of LEGO® bricks, the team Literally Addicted to Bricks wants to send a strong and precise message. Many of the scenes were taken from everyday life and from the city of Treviso: the canoe race in the waters that line the city, the trees and the ever-growing green areas, the university, the museum and many others.


Helpful Info

ECO CITY LAB. The city of eco-sustainable bricks
From 14 December to 26 January 2020 – Treviso, Lungo Sile Mattei 29

Hours and Ticket Prices:

Open every day from 9.30 to 19.30 except on Christmas Day
24/12 and 31/12 early closing at 17.30
26/12 and 01/01 postponed opening at 14.30
** The ticket office closes 30 minutes before.
Full ticket: € 7.00
Reduced ticket: € 5.00
Children: € 3.00 – from 4 to 10 years old/ Free – from 0 to 4 years

Other locations:

In Monza until 6 January 2020 | Arengario di Monza (Piazza Roma) with CITY BOOMING Monza!

In Lignano Sabbiadoro until 18 January 2020 | Municipal library with LAB Christmas. A
sea ​​of ​​bricks.

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