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The lidos in Emilia-Romagna are seaside resorts that occupy about 25 kilometers of the Ferrara coastline in Comacchio, within the Po Delta Park nature reserve. Comacchio is also known as the “little Venice”, due to the many bridges and canals that cross it. It’s formed from thirteen islets grouped between the Po Delta and the sea. Probably of Etruscan origin, today it enchants visitors from all over the world with its monuments and its natural beauty. In this article, however, we will skip the details on art and culture and focus on Comacchio’s seven lidos. Let’s get to know them one by one!

Lido di Volano

Coming from the north, the first of the lidos is Volano. In ancient times, it was a small fishing village, while today it is a true naturalistic oasis. Very close to the banks of the Po River, this beach is completely immersed in nature. The soft golden beach is surrounded by water valleys, marine pockets and of course lush vegetation. It is truly a perfect place for those who love nature, biking and horseback riding. The sea is usually clear and blue with sandy bottoms and excellent for long swims. The color can change due to the proximity to the mouth of the river. Despite this, the water has a pleasant temperature. This beach is among the least crowded, and thanks to the low turnout and the quiet that ensues, you can spot animals that come from the nearby pine forest.


Lido delle Nazioni

Unlike the previous Lido, characterized by peace and nature, Lido delle Nazioni is instead the perfect place for young people, fun and entertainment. Years ago, it was a very quiet area where there was nothing but an expanse of sand and sea. Today, it is made up of large avenues full of restaurants, pubs, discos, shops and so on and so forth! In addition to evening entertainment, the Lido delle Nazioni offers countless opportunities for sports enthusiasts: on the Lake delle Nazioni there is a sailing school, but you can also canoe and there is also a tennis court. If you want to horseback ride, you can do that too!

Lido di Pomposa

The Lido d Pomposa is among the quietest and most peaceful of this part of the Adriatic coast and it is for this reason that it is the most popular with families. This beach boasts the most modern bathing establishments fully equipped to welcome small tourists as well as lifeguards to keep them safe. The sand here is fine and golden, but there’s much more to do than just build sandcastles! Outdoor sports of all kinds can be enjoyed both on the beach and in the pine forest in the center. For adrenaline enthusiasts, the Lido di Pomposa provides the Circuito di Pomposa Kart track, where both national and international level competitions are held.


Lido degli Scacchi

Continuing south, a few hundred meters from Pomposa, you’ll find the Lido degli Scacchi. It’s similar to the other shores, with its sandy beach and pine forest as a frame, but this is a truly enchanting area with sand dunes that break the landscape from the shore. This fabulous view will be yours during the course of your holiday. Summers here are packed with events enlivening visitors’ evenings with music and food.

Porto Garibaldi

Originally, this fishing village was called “Magnavacca”, but then took the name of the “Hero of the Two Worlds” (Giuseppe Garibaldi) following the landing in 1849. Known mainly for the importance of its port, where a large number of fishing boats dock, this shore holds its own against its fellow beaches. Suitable for all ages, but especially for young people, Porto Garibaldi is full of fun, sport and relaxation.

Lido degli Estensi

This lido is the apex of fun and the choice beach for nightlife and shopping. Shops, pubs and discos are concentrated along the Viale Carducci. The beach itself is wide and golden with numerous resorts including the recently built, “Marina degli Estensi” tourist port.

Lido di Spina

The seventh beach of Comacchio is Lido di Spina. We are right on the border with the nearby province of Ravenna. Originally, “Spina” was a city of Etruscan origin founded in the Comacchio Valleys. Characterized by nature and tranquility, in this area there are many villas near the beach. There is no lack of fun here either! Countless sporting activities, as well as nightclubs, are present here.


Whether you are traveling with your family or single with friends, the lidos in Emilia-Romagna will not disappoint!

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