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Year after year, Puglia’s Salento region is prized for its exquisite beaches. One of these is Pescoluse which is commonly known in these parts as the “Maldives of Salento”.  As soon as you lay eyes on it, you’ll understand why. Like so many things, pictures can’t really do it justice.

What Makes Marina di Pescoluse So Special

It’s a combination of the sea air, the fine sand between your toes, the unusually warm water, the aromas of the catch of the day wafting across the beach, the distinct sound of people speaking the local dialect: it has to be experienced first-hand.

Pescoluse is located on the Ionian Sea, or the western coast of Salento, between Torre Pali and Torre Vado.  Santa Maria di Leuca (the extreme tip of the entire Italian peninsula) is just a few kilometers south. The major city of Lecce is about an hour away.

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Perfect for Families

Marina di Pescoluse is a stretch of about 4 km of fine, white sand with very shallow water perfect for young children and relaxing. There are numerous bathing establishments where beachgoers can easily rent an umbrella and chaise lounge chairs as well as cabanas for the day, or sometimes a half-day, but there are also spots where you are allowed to bring your own towel and chairs and stay as long as you like for free.

The section known as the “Maldives” is stunningly beautiful but often extremely crowded. Slightly further north is “Seychelles” which can be less crowded.

Aquatic sports of all kinds are the order of the day and snorkeling is a must even for the little ones since the water is so shallow.

Tips for Visiting

Keep in mind that this part of Italy has been discovered not just by Italians but has also become a favorite of Europeans and even international tourists. High season is June through August with the peak being July and August. If at all possible, visiting in September, or even late May is ideal. Temperatures are still very warm and you will avoid the droves of people that can often ruin a relaxing vacation.

The closest airports are Brindisi and Bari with Brindisi being preferable since it is much easier to navigate as you exit the airport and leave town with your rental car. By the way, a rental car is a must! Public transportation is somewhat limited as compared to other parts of Italy and chances are, you will not want to spend your entire vacation in just one spot.

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