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Photography Exhibition in Turin: Masterpieces from the Bertero Collection

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Memory and Passion. From Capa to Ghirri.

Masterpieces from the Bertero Collection

From 20 February through 30 August 2020, CAMERA – Italian Center for Photography comes alive through the stories and tales hidden in the most significant images of the Bertero Collection, a unique collection in Italy for the originality of the setting and quality of the photographs present.

Bruno Barbey, Soldati (Roma),
1963 ©Magnum Photo, Bruno Barbey

The Exhibition

Among the over two thousand images that make up the collection, the curators have chosen more than two hundred images by about fifty authors from all over the world.

Curated by Walter Guadagnini, director of CAMERA, with the collaboration of Barbara Bergaglio and Monica Poggi, the exhibition tells about our past and the roots of our present, as well as the evolution of Italian and international photography over a thirty year time period.

Among the numerous works on display are some of the most recognizable shots of this period. Masterpieces that have made the history of international photography such as “The Road to Palermo” by Robert Capa in 1943; “American Girl in Italy, Florence” by Ruth Orkin in 1951; and the reportage dedicated to Italy by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1952. There are many works that have decisively marked the evolution of Italian photography, authentic milestones now known all over the world such as “The Italians Turn” (1954) by Mario De Biasi, where a group of men admires the beauty of Moira Orfei who walks through the streets of Milan and many others.

©William Klein – Koffee machine and attendants, 1956

Although most of the collection is made up of photographers from the Neorealist period, Bertero’s choice was broad-minded. The collection, in fact, includes stories from successive decades that contributed to the birth of a new way of understanding images, gradually detaching from a documentary vocation to become increasingly more conceptual.

This exhibition, however, is also – and above all – the story of a collector, Guido Bertero, who, from the late 1990s to today, has collected about two thousand prints. A collection born almost by chance in Turin, the city where Bertero has always lived.

The collection is an essential point of reference for the study of Italian post-war photography, so much so that since last year, following an important donation made by Bertero to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, a rich selection of its heritage is crossing the United States in a traveling exhibition on Neorealism that has already involved New York, San Francisco and Reno.

A rich and heterogeneous collection, born from a personal passion that is exhibited on this occasion thanks to the willingness of Guido Bertero to share his heritage with the public, with a view to extreme openness and a desire to spread knowledge for this language that has always distinguished it.

Mario De Biasi, Gli italiani si voltano. Moira
Orfei, 1954 © Archivio Mario De Biasi
distribuito da Mondadori Portfolio

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