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The Lighting Ceremony of the Biggest Christmas Tree in the World: Gubbio 2023

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In the medieval hamlet of Gubbio every year since 1981, a group of volunteers has painstakingly created what is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest Christmas tree in the world.

As Big As 30 Football Fields

The image of a huge Christmas tree takes shape on Monte Ingino, the backdrop of the splendid medieval city of Gubbio. Volunteers place lighting of various types and colors, creating an extraordinary and unique chromatic effect. The tree extends over a base of 450 meters, for over 750 meters (almost thirty football fields), camouflaging its “roots” within the walls of the medieval city and reaching with its large star the basilica of the Patron Saint, Sant’Ubaldo, located on the top of the mountain.

Every December 7th, the enormous tree is lit in an engaging ceremony that celebrates centuries-old traditions, with lots of participation and above all, emotion. The ceremony begins at 6 pm in Piazza 40 Martiri.

gubbio-albero-centro storico

Christmas Land

As the slogan says, “Gubbio is Christmas” and it really is because when you visit you will not only see the largest tree in the world but you will feel the true magic of Christmas throughout the entire historic center! In Piazza 40 Martiri, in addition to the Christmas market, there will also be a Santa Claus Train and the Enchanted Carousel.

Opening hours and dates are as follows:

From 10 am to 8 pm

  • 25, 26 November
  • 2, 3 December
  • 7-10 December
  • 16,17 December
  • daily from December 23- January 7, 2024

December 25 and January 1st: open from 3 pm to 8 pm

Visit the official website Gubbio è Natale for all of the events that the city has planned for the Season!

And if you cannot be there in person for the tree lighting ceremony on December 7th, not to worry because the event will be broadcast live on all their social media platforms (links here) as well as on Trg Media (