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Saint-Barthélemy in Italy’s Aosta Valley region is a magical place where you can enjoy picturesque landscapes, the outdoors, and even an observatory.

Why Saint-Barthélemy

Nature and Sports

If you love the mountains and, at the same time, you’re looking for something a bit different from the usual, Saint-Barthélemy is perfect. In the warmer months visitors can enjoy trekking and walking trails and in the winter, world-class skiing and even snowshoeing.


Oratory of Cuney

In the surrounding area, at 2,652 m altitude, is the Oratory of Cuney. This is perhaps the highest sanctuary in Europe. On August 5th every year, in celebration of Our Lady of the Snows, a beautiful procession to the sanctuary takes place in which the cross is immersed in the creek waters. Next to the sanctuary is the comfortable Cuney refuge, located along the Alta Via trail.


osservatorio-astronomico-di-saint-barthelemyThe observatory is equipped with a planetarium, which has a dome of about 10 mt in diameter. Since 2009 visitors have had the chance to see projected images received from powerful telescopes! Finally, let’s not forget the clean air that, in addition to allowing for great visibility of the starry sky, is definitely good for our health. The guides are well-prepared and knowledgeable which makes it perfect for every kind of audience, from children to scholars.

Saint-Barthélemy is a lovely, unique destination that has something for everyone!