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67th Annual Autunno Pavese: It’s Tasting Time in Pavia

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Autumn is coming with new scents, and warmer more intense flavors and colors. What better way to spend four days than immersed in Pavia’s fine cuisine?

From October 18-21, Autunno Pavese returns to the Lombard city of Pavia and it’s the biggest wine and food event in the whole province.

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce, the event focuses on the surrounding territory’s food, wine and agriculture traditions with an emphasis on quality.

The Palazzo Esposizioni in Pavia will be the perfect location to host ninety exhibitors and stands, 2 tasting areas, 2 areas dedicated to workshops and a cooking show area. Local cuisine will be at the center of the event with risottos prepared with Carnaroli Pavese rice, defined as the “Prince of risottos”. Rice cultiviation occupies over 84 thousand hectares in the province. You’ll find risottos paired with pumpkin, Varzi salami, green beans, pancetta, radicchio, gorgonzola cream and crispy bacon.

Cheeses, cured meats and typical local wines, especially from Oltrepò Pavese will also be in abundance at the event.

Tastings, workshops, cooking shows, events, musical performances and entertainment will all be part of the lineup over the course of the four day event. There will also be celebrity chefs and children’s cooking workshops.

You can pre-register for the free workshops and cooking shows on the official website as long as space is available.


Useful Info

  • Registration for classes and cooking shows is free
  • Dogs are allowed with leash and muzzle
  • Ticket booth closes one hour prior to event closure
  • Prices
    Entrance: 5€ Tasting: 5€
    Wine Tasting: 5€ Risotto Tasting/Gourmet Area: 5€
    Children under 12: Free