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All Souls’ Day Traditions in Sicily

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If you are planning a trip to Sicily for the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day Holiday weekend, then you will definitely want to learn about the Sicilian tradition of Notte di Zucchero.

In Sicily the dead are not only remembered, but celebrated! The spirit of Notte di Zucchero is to honor the ancient traditions of All Souls’ Day. Since the introduction of Halloween, the tradition was beginning to fade and the creators of the event were able to come up with a way to incorporate new and old.



More on the Event

The festival dates are from October 30 through November 2 in Palermo. The historic center and the town squares will be hosting all sorts of events ranging from theater, music, art, street performances, workshops, market stalls, food stands and much more! It’s designed for children, but is sure to please any visitor.

Sicily is the only region in Italy where the dead are celebrated with a feast similar to Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos. A party for adults, but above all for children who will receive special gifts and sweets from their loved ones.

Palermo will not be the only Sicilian city celebrating because Catania will also host its own Notte di Zucchero on November 2nd.



The event is completely free and open to all.

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