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sacile-bird-festivalThe Sagra dei Osei, or the Bird Festival, in the town of Sacile (Pordenone province of the Friuli region) is a remarkable achievement. This year marks the 745th edition. The event- which undoubtedly knows no age- has been taking place since 1274. Despite the controversies and contradictions of contemporary life, it embodies one of those rare cases in which the continuity of tradition prevails over everything, including modern-day grievances. Identified as a “Specialized National Exhibition, Exhibition Bird Show”, the Festival has consolidated its market / exhibition of birds since 1909, and over time has given more attention to its festive dimension. It has even become a source of inspiration for many artists for the realization of its promotional poster- now a favorite amongst collectors- which every year is the subject of an international competition dedicated to the creative imagination of famous designers and graphic designers.

sacile-festival-bird-marketMoreover, despite being one of the oldest folk festivals in Europe, the Sagra dei Osei in fact is the most important bird festival on the Old Continent. It is renowned for its professional bird-calling competition and for its famous birdsong contest in which the best “singers” from each category are awarded from the thousands of competing species (finches, quail, thrushes, cardinals, and many more).

To enrich the festival, in addition to the thematic exhibitions dedicated to the various bird species and to the courtyard animals, there will also be local honey contests, DOC Friuli wines, and a dog show. In addition, there will be river tours along the lovely Livenza River and guided tours of Sacile.

sacile-festival-birdAmong the novelties of the 2018 edition scheduled for Sunday, August 19th, are a performance of archers and flag bearers that will entertain the public with their spectacular skills. A vintage style Luna Park to give  visitors a bit of unusual retro fun and “Little Venice” gondola rides on the Livenza with its postcard views will also be available.

A vivid and incomparable expression of the local cultural heritage, the Sagra dei Osei celebrates the birds of ornament and aviary and demonstrates that the interest in the ornithological sector is not only firmly rooted in Friuli Venezia Giulia, but also crosses barriers and borders. Beyond any ideological limitation, it surpasses time and trends to renew itself and continue, from Italy to Europe, and beyond.

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