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Cacciucco Pride, is the Tuscan, coastal city of Livorno‘s first true gastronomic event. The festival was created to celebrate and share the city’s symbolic seafood dish, cacciucco (ka-choo-ko), with the rest of the world. A dizzying array of events over the course of the 3-day festival have been planned that will have foodies going berserk-o for cacciucco and everything else that will be available to taste. 

cacciucco-livorno-pride-2019Italy is very adamant about preserving culinary traditions and giving credit where it’s due so it’s no surprise that the powers that be have come up with official requirements trademarking cacciucco. The 5Cs are inspired by the word cacciucco itself which in fact contains five “Cs”: Characteristic (typical of Livorno and the contiguous municipalities); Classic (it has deep roots in the history, culture and traditions of the city); Cooked with care and competence (the skill, passion and pride of cooking a large dish are part of the dish).

From June 14 through June 16, the festival has so many events planned that you will actually have to pick and choose. It’s a family and kid-friendly event- as almost all festivals are in Italy. So here’s what’s in store if you plan to visit: dinners and tastings (including the first and only cacciucco gelato); cultural events;  workshops (such as Fish CSI and photography for children); live concerts; boat tours; guided tours including that of Amedeo Modigliani’s birth house. It would be impossible to list everything here, but I can pretty much guarantee you that even if you aren’t a fish connoisseur, you will not be disappointed with this event!

For the complete program, visit the official website (Italian only).  



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