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Event in Siena: “Dolci, Dolcezze e Motori”

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Not that you need an excuse to visit the magnificent city of Siena, but this spring, there just happens to be the very first edition of the event “Dolci, Dolcezze e Motori“! It’s an interesting combination showcasing traditional and modern sweets and pastries and a customized car show. The event will take place on 12, 13 and 14 April in Piazza del Campo.


At the center of the piazza you will find an artisan market showcasing the best homemade goods of Siena and the Tuscany region. The aromas of delicacies like panforte, ricciarelli cookies, cavallucci, and the famous cantucci, as well as special Easter desserts will fill the air. Modern culinary interpretations will also be on display both for tasting and purchase. It’s the perfect opportunity to find that authentic, original souvenir to take back home.

Over the course of the three days there will also be cooking shows in which pastry chefs and experts will reveal their cooking secrets and explain the history of some of the traditional products.

You’ll also be able to taste and purchase the traditional, local sweet wines and liqueurs.


If you’re an auto enthusiast, the national auto-tuning (car modification/customization) rally will also be in the piazza with over 30 vehicles from all over Italy.

Whether you come for the sweets, the cars, or just a stroll through the historic center of magnificent Siena, you’ll surely enjoy your day.

Admission is free.

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