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About…Street food and fun in the Aosta Valley

When talking about mountain tourism, one thinks of various sports and activities.

But that’s not all! The purpose of this article is focusing on the entertainment which is present, like in any other place, even in the mountains!

Every year, during the moth of July, in the Aosta Valley, a very successful and particular event, able to satisfy all the different needs of holidays, takes place. It is the Street Food.

Why go there

For an evening of entertainment (the event starts from 06:00 pm and lasts until late at night, just to meet everyone’s needs) in a unique location, where the lake meet the mountains, in a place called Sarre which can be easlily reached, because of its proximity to the capital of the region Aosta. Sarre is right at the centre of the valley.

Another reason is to taste Italian and International typical dishes (for example, ham from the Italian region of Abruzzo, meat from Argentina, the sausage from Bra, pumpkin tortelli, paella, food from the Italian region of Liguria, mixed fry, sweet pancakes with chocolate and cream, caramel almonds, fruit pies, cocktails, smoothies, local and national wines, local craft beers, and much more). About thirty exhibitors will offer the most varied dishes in small stands around the lake, combined with local and international music, it is an opportunity not to be missed for tourists who’re in the area and for the residents themselves.

To whom it is recommended

Everyone, of course!

Children will enjoy the lake, riding on a boat, taking part in make-up activities, until they will be entertained by the music, usually during the early part of the evening.

Young people can dance to the rythm of different genres of music: rock and electro music, especially on saturday nights. Moreover, there are several stands where you can book sport practices (rafting, canoeing, climbing, trekking…), or only receive information about them, as well as, trips to the famous Sky way (the largest cable car in Europe that starts at the feet of Mont Blanc with staggered stairs on different levels and which offers an unforgettable view).

Adults can choose from a wide selection of food, listen to live music, Latin music and also local music (played with particular and characteristic instruments and sung in a local language named patois).

Even the elderly will enjoy this lovely place, thanks to the presence of parking lots nearby, which allow an easy access, and also thanks to the possibility of walking along the paths around the lake and stopping by at the stands, provided with all the comforts.

What you bring home

A big emotion caused by the particular location, fun and romantic at the same time! The knowledge of a wide range of food of each Italian region (but also International); a lot of information about opportunities to practice sports and the possibility to know groups to join for the most varied trips offered. Last but not least, the curiosity of listening to local music (sung in the local dialect and played with instruments such as violin, harmonica, bass guitar…all together) and the chance to dance under the moon to the rythm of the most famous summer hits!

If you book a holiday in the Aosta Valley in July (usually the second weekend of the month: Friday, Saturday and Sunday), do not miss the Street Food of the Lake of Sarre: food, entertainment, sports, relaxation, music, dances, live concerts…and much more!

Copyright photo gallery: Annalisa D’Amico