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From 26th to 31st July the great music is in Montecosaro

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A quiet small town in the daytime, with a little less than 8thousands inhabitants, immersed in the hilly landscape of Marche, awarded like one of the most beautiful cities of Italy for its strong historical and artistic interest, Montecosaro in the province of Macerata changes in a spacious stadium in the open air in these 5/6 nights.

Yes, because Montecosaro houses, or better, it’s the founder of one of the most important summer festivals of the Italy, in which artists of national and international independent music take part, its name is MIND Festival. The name is not chosen by chance, because this festival that I’m introducing to you, is a festival for the mind, oppressed due to conventions and social canons, which do not let us show that we are, this festival loves taking care of our mental integrity, of our psychophysical wellbeing, combining good music, good beer and good people. A corner of temporary paradise in which the only God is Music.  

I’ll mention the name of some artists which were present in the last seasons of MIND Festival: I Ministri, Lo Stato Sociale, I cani, Dente, Linea 77, Nobraino, Management del Dolore Post-Operatorio, Brusco, Levante, Marracash, Marlene Kuntz, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. And these are just two or three names that have attracted about 90.000 persons in the past editions, in trend of growth that it has seen increasing remarkably the local public and the public from other regions.

Aren’t you curious to know the hosts of the edition 2017?

This is the line-up:                                                         

  • WEDNESDAY 26TH JULY: Gazzelle.

Musical phenomenon of the moment, considered the Italian bet of 2017. He began in March of this year with his album entitled “Superbattito”.

  • THURSAY 27TH JULY: The Zen Circus.

One of few certainties of the Italian independent rock, indisputable standard-bearer of the music free from ties. On the credit side nine records, a EP, over thousand concerts and eighteen years of honoured career.

  • FRIDAY 28TH JULY: Asian Dub Foundation.

International band which trod the boards of the biggest festivals of the planet. A mixture of electronics, reggae and dub placed side by side with electric guitars and lyrics in rap style. Formation that has shared the stages with artists of the calibre of Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, The Cure and not only.

  • SATURDAY 29TH JULY: Alex Neri & Saturnino.

The first, a true senator of the mixer, dj of international fame, always innovative and precursor of sonorities and musical styles. And the second, a bass player with incredible technique considered one of the best bass player of the international scene by the most reliable criticism.

  • SUNDAY 30TH JULY: Aprés la Classe.

Band from Salento with an only big aim: to appreciate and to tell the ethnic sounds of its lands, mixed with rhythmic patchanka which flow in roots and Latin rhythms.


Triumphal tour in Europe and overseas, and fantastic sold out in homeland. 30 years of history for the most important Italian alternative rock band, inserted by the prestigious American review Spin Magazine in the list of “The 100 greatest bands you’ve never heard of”.

Aren’t you still convinced? In a little while you will be it, also more! Because as an enclosure to so much, so much good music, there will be also gastronomic stands in which it’s possible to taste some of the culinary typicalities that make Marche famous in the world. A festival to satisfy our hunger of knowledge, to satisfy our wish to discover a world that cannot belong to us, but we have to learn to appreciate the beauties, the possibilities. 

A MIND Festival to widen our horizons, our limits.

“In a period in whose technology and digital communication have contributed to set the difference at zero between countries, cultures, ideas and ways of thinking, the MIND Festival aims to give space  to a music without frontiers, where the sound is global and the echo arrives more and more far”. Quotation from the MIND Festival.

See you there!

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