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scapoli-festival-bagpipe-internationalOn Sunday, July 29 in Scapoli, one of the most beautiful and suggestive medieval villages in Italy, the 44th edition of the International Bagpipe Festival will be held. It’s a very important event that attracts pipers from around the world to play various types of bagpipes throughout alleys and squares packed with people.

This instrument, used by shepherds, was already known by the ancient Romans who called it “utriculus”, which means small and skinny, for its characteristic bag that serves as a reserve of air and allows a continuous sound without interruptions.

festival-scapoli-bagpipeWalking through the streets of the small town you will arrive at the characteristic “Mostra Mercato”, a landmark of traditional folk music in Europe. This important cultural event is an opportunity to learn about the customs, traditions, and history as well as cultural comparisons. It promotes artisan handiwork and is a meeting point for ethnomusicologists, eminent personalities, and illustrious foreign scholars.

There will also be food and wine stands where you can taste and learn about typical local dishes prepared with care by the local residents for this important occasion.

Make sure to visit the International Bagpipe Museum which holds various types of bagpipes from all over the world.

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museum-bagpipe-festival-scapoliMuseum Information:


from Friday to Sunday: from 10.00 am to 12.00 am and from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

on holidays (even midweek): by reservation only;

on days other than opening days: by reservation only.


Saturday and Sunday: from 10.30 to 12.00 and from 16.30 to 18.00

on holidays (even midweek): by reservation only;

on days other than opening days: by reservation only.

Any bookings can be made only and exclusively by e-mail at or by fax at no. 0865.954505, specifying in the request the day, the time, the number of participants, the name and a telephone contact.

For organizational reasons, it is advisable that the booking be communicated at least one week before the day of the visit.

The ticket prices are:

– full ticket: € 2.00

– reduced ticket: Euro 1.00 (for children up to 15 years of age)

– for members of the Italian Touring Club there is a 50% discount on the admission ticket (if they have a valid membership card).


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