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bagnacavallo-ravenna-italyBagnacavallo is a little town in the Romagna area, situated only 30 km from the Adriatic sea and 30 minutes away from Ravenna. Today this town is not widely known but it had great artistic importance in the Renaissance.

Hometown of the painter Bartolomeo Ramenghi (known as “Il Bagnacavallo”), Bagnacavallo houses in its civic museum a collection of works belonging to the art of Ravenna, from the 15th century to the present day. The artworks are arranged in the rooms of the ancient Renaissance convent of the Capuchin nuns.

The journey into the history of art begins with Bagnacavallo and Andrea Lilio’s works and it lasts with contemporary paintings, sculptures and photographs.

exhibition-goya-ravenna-bagnacavalloThis year, from 16th september to 19th november, the old Capuchin cells and the main hall of the building host the three famous cycles of etchings by Spanish artist Francisco Goya, staged on the occasion of the exhibition “Goya. Madness and reason at the dawn of modernity “.

The exhibition presents us with a taste of Goya’s most hidden and particular art, immersing us in Spanish eighteenth-century history.


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Article written by: M. Longhi