Home » The Medieval Hamlet of Torre di Palme in the Marches Region

“Between the earth and the sea” is the motto of this tiny hamlet in the Marches region of central Italy. Torre di Palme has really only recently been discovered and recognized for what it is- a fabulous medieval village that offers tranquility, authenticity, and yet is close to the lovely Adriatic Sea.


You’ll have to leave your car at the car park before you actually enter the historic center (which is a good thing!). Everything here is concentrated into the minuscule and unbelievably quaint town center.

Highlights include the Gothic Church of St. Augustine and that of St. Mary by the Sea which dates to the 12th century with its beautiful bell tower (14th century). The terrace provides a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding valley. Breathtaking!

The best part of this magical little village is simply just wandering the narrow alleys and the outer walls and Ghibelline towers that date to the 13th century. Admire the geraniums from the balconies and stop in at one of the many cafes or trattorias. 


On the menu is vincisgrassi (a lasagna dish); maccheroncini di Campofilone (a long, hand-pulled, egg pasta); deep-fried delicacies including olives as well as fish; and desserts like ciambellotto della trebbiatura.

Aside from the beach, you may also want to visit the lovely villages of Falerone and Ripatransone.