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The day started out a little dull but because we are on a constant mission to discover new places, we decided to adventure off to a place we like to call the “road between nature and history”, not far from home.

We loaded up our four-legged friends so desperate to get outside and headed toward Via Gaggio.
From the name it may seem like any other street but you’ll soon realize just how special it is as you begin to look around at the scenery.
Via Gaggio is a pedestrian trail that connects the municipality of Lonate Pozzolo, the hamlet of Tornavento and the Ticino river.
There is also a free and convenient car park from where we began our two-hour walk in nature.

Along the road, we found historical remains, well explained by signs, and two old landing strips in the middle of the moorland which dominates the entire road.
During the walk, we also decided to abandon the main road and take a secondary road in the middle of nowhere to let our dogs roam free.

Have you already chosen this destination?

On our way back to the car we also found an “open-air exhibition” of old agricultural machinery donated by various groups of volunteers in the area allowing any passersby to learn about the area’s history.

In short, these two hours of walking along Via Gaggio flew by as we were immersed in the surrounding beauty and the local history.
Plus for Nicklaus and Walpi it was a moment of freedom and tranquility in the middle of nowhere.

We have to be honest, we feel really lucky to have such a lovely walking trail so close to home.

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